KU Kappa Alpha Theta
Founded by Bettie Locke, Alice Allen, Bettie Tipton, and Hannah Fitch, Kappa Alpha Theta has provided support for women while in college and as alumnae throughout the United States and Canada since 1870.


Kappa Alpha Theta was established at DePauw University, formerly Indiana Asbury, in 1870. Striving to find a home away from home as her brother had in his fraternity, but limited by the "men only" requirement, Bettie decided to start her own group. With the encouragement of her father and help of her close friend Alice Allen, Bettie initiated herself in a mirror on January 27, 1870 to become the first member of Kappa Alpha Theta, the first Greek-letter fraternity known among women. Kappa Chapter was founded at the University of Kansas in 1881 and is the first chapter west of the Mississippi River. The Kappa Chapter is known for its members' exemplary grade point averages and involvement both on campus and within the Lawrence community.Thetas have made great strides in many professional fields such as medicine, business, politics, and many more. Being a Theta fosters a sisterhood in which women may grow together and work to better ourselves and our community, so that we may truely become nobler women.  

“I dream of the endless possibilities for the good and close friendship that this fraternity makes possible through the years...it may someday bring together into sisterly relationship women from all parts of the country who have never seen each other before, who are all friends, because of Theta"

- Bettie Locke Hamilton

Being a Theta means joining a sisterhood of support that lasts for a lifetime. Membership at Kappa Chapter leads to unforgettable experiences that our women hold dear to them years after college. Our sisterhood includes a vast alumni network that our members have the opportunity to connect with in their future professional careers.